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DBR Restructing

The DBR team will be quick to deal with your most urgent challenges before working with you strategically to put longer term plans in place.

Business Recovery & Insolvency

We recognise that running a business isn’t plain sailing. There are myriad pressures that you and your team will come under, and it’s during these times that you have to act fast, and that’s where we come in.

“DBR” has its own dedicated team of experts who can react to your situation. No two businesses or individuals are the same, and that’s why we work hard to quicky understand your situation and consider the options available to you and your business.

We embrace the challenge of assisting you and your business through rescue and turnaround procedures. Our ethical approach invites dialogue at the outset of difficulties with our range of experts.

Your initial meeting with one of our advisors will be free of charge, and we are happy if you wish to include in that meeting any of your professional advisors – often they also have a detailed knowledge which can be beneficial in discussing the scenarios and appropriate options available to you.

Our Services

We are motivated to achieve the best possible outcome – whatever the position the business or individual finds themselves in.

Whilst the majority of our work is assisting companies in difficulty, we are also engaged to act in Members Voluntary Liquidations, which is when all creditors have been paid in full and is a process to extract the value of your company in a tax efficient manner.

In addition to being Licenced Insolvency Practitioners, both DBR Directors are also qualified accountants; this gives us an additional level of understanding of the “figures” when looking at your business and considering the procedures available to you.

DBR Restructuring Limited commenced trading in 2016. Up until July 2023, the company was known as Dains Business Recovery Limited, with both Directors previously being Partners in Dains LLP. We continue to work closely with our former colleagues and the years spent as Partners in a large regional accountancy practice were key to developing the business we have now.

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